Visualize SQL XML Execution Plan using HTML

I’ve always used the Microsoft SQL Management Studio Execution plan feature to visualize the query plan. However today I was experimenting with the SQL XML showplan statement to see if I could learn anything more about execution plans by looking more closely at the code. As soon as I saw the XML it occurred to me that I could use XSLT to convert the output to HTML similar to the way that the SQL Management studio did it. I was curious to try, but before I writing my own, I checked to see if anyone else did it already and found this on github:

So, to demonstrate I created a simple SQL using temp tables so that I could perform some very basic tests.

Insert some sample data

Turn on the SHOWPLAN_XML in SQL and run query to produce the XML.

Then copy and paste the output XML data into a file and upload to the demo page that uses Justins HTML query plan visualizer library.

HTML XML Upload demo

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