Active Directory and SSIS

I was looking into ways to get the owner of an Active Directory user. I looked at VBScript and C#.NET. While searching for code and while looking at the objects available in .NET using the object browser I found this MSDN blog entry by Alex Tcherniakhovski.

Extracting object ownership information from Active Directory into SQL

One fact mentioned near the bottom of the blog entry is yet another testimony to keep the Domain Admins group small.

Yet another reason to keep Domain Admins group small.



References Used
Name: System.DirectoryServices
Path: C:\Program Files\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\.NETFramework\v4.5.1\System.DirectoryServices.dll
Name: System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement
Path: C:\Program Files\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\.NETFramework\v4.5.1\System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.dll
Name: Active DS Type Library
Path: C:\Windows\System32\activeds.tlb
Version: 1.0
File Version: 6.1.7600.16385(win7_rtm.090713-1255)

Resources to investigate using Perl

VBScript, Javascript for JSON from SQL Server