Ubuntu 20 LTS Bugzilla Project

I am working on a project to install Bugzilla on a Ubutu 20 LTS server. I will go over all the steps that I’ve taken and the pitfalls that I have encountered.

What are the Bugzilla requirements?

I know I need the Apache web server and Mysql for sure, but there may be other requirements. I got those requirements from this page.


I was almost right. It turns out that Bugzilla needs a database server, a web server, and Perl.

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Install Apache web server

I used https://linuxhint.com/install_apache_web_server_ubuntu/ for a step by step procedure.

The process worked as described, with one exception. I was unable to view the web server from another machine on my network because I am using an Oracle VM VirtualBox. The server wasn’t reachable because the networking config in VirtualBox was set for NAT so I changed it to Bridged Adapter as described on this page. https://askubuntu.com/questions/52147/how-can-i-access-apache-on-virtualbox-guest-from-host

I then tested by pointing my web browser to http://serveripaddress and it showed the default apache page.

Install Perl

This step took a while to install all these things:

This installation was successful as described.

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Install MariaDB database 

Install MariaDB database 

This worked as expected.

Install Bugzilla

Pitfall 01: I forgot to edit the ./localconfig to change the database, username and password for mysql.

Pitfall 02: I do not have a group called apache. I edited ./localconfig to add the group to www-data.

Create Bugzilla Apache Site Configuration file

Pitfall 03: I do not have a ServerName configured in apache. Added this line:

ServerName localhost

Pitfall 04: apache needs a for CGI for perl. Added apache directive to use CGI.

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