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FuelPHP framework jQuery DateTimePicker

I have recently started learning about the FuelPHP framework. I have been working on understanding how to use the framework as intended by the creators, and I think I’m doing a fair job of that, except possibly with regards to using external jQuery libraries.

I have a simple CRUD application that I built as a proof of concept for using a third party jQuery DateTimePicker library.

This is the jQuery DateTimePicker library that I found and used.

This is not including the public asset folder that contains the actual Javascript and CSS.


View Template

I want to specifically point out this piece of code. The main thing to notice is Asset::js and the JavaScript code.

Screenshot of the DateTimeStamp picker on the page.



Add Caption to image in WordPress

Here is a sample post that has text with an image with a caption that is centered below it.

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The code that I used came from the https://codex.wordpress.org/Wrapping_Text_Around_Images site.

Here is the code I used: